Let’s make this post short and simple. And let me start by saying:


Look at all the awesome things bone broth does to keep you healthy:
Heal leaky gut
Detox liver
Reduce inflamation
Fight infection
Help muscle and joint pain
Helps digestion
Promotes healthy hair, nails and skin

And it’s so versatile! Here are some awesome ways to enjoy bone broth:
Use it as a base for soups and casseroles and sauces
Drink it straight up
Replace regular store bought, additive filled stocks, with home-made bone broth.
Plus it’s super easy to make. Let me tell you and show you how to make bone broth! Read the recipe below and watch the You Tube clip above.

1kg of bones (preferably from organic grass-fed animals)
2-3 garlic bulbs
1/2 a celery cut into chunks
4 carrots peeled and cut into chunks
2 onions cut into wedges
2 Bay leaves, 10 peppercorns and a boquet garni (optional but adds spectacular falvour)
3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (vital ingredient as it helps draw out all the minerals from the bones…don’t miss this ingredient!)
Approx 3 Litres water

Large cooking pot or preferable a slow cooker or crock pot
Large colander
Tea towel or muslin cloth
Large pot to strain broth into

Roast your bones in a high temp oven (200 degrees C) for 10 minutes. This step is optional. If you are short for time you can skip it, but the roasting adds a deeper, nuttier flavour to the bone broth.
Place vegetables & apple cider vinegar into your crock pot/slow cooker/large cooking pot. Add the bones and fill with water.
If using a slow cooker or crock pot, place the lid on and cook on low for 24 hours. If using chicken bones, you can reduce this cooking time by half if you chose. These bones do not take as long to broth-ify!
If using a regular pot on a stove top, place the lid on and simmer on low for 24 hours. If you’re cooking on the stove top, I suggest turning the pot off in the evening when you go to sleep and returning it back on in the morning when you wake.
Keep checking your bubbling broth to make sure all the liquid is not evaporating. Top your pot up with more water if you notice this happening.
After the required cooking time, take the pot off heat. Line a colander with a tea towel or

fine mesh cloth. (See youtube clip above for example).
bone broth
Place your lined colander into a large pot. Pour your broth into this to seperate the bones/veggies from the broth. (See youtube clip above for example).
Allow your broth to cool before placing in the fridge.
After some time in the fridge the fat from the broth will settle at the top and the liquid will set like jelly beneath.
Scoop off the fat and use for cooking.
Heat broth to turn back to liquid as needed.

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Brian Nasr is the co-founder of Rumbles Paleo. Brain has been involved in the Health and Fitness industry for over 12 years with his journey starting as an overweight teenager looking to turn his life around for good. During this time he has had the opportunity to change countless lives as a fitness coach, educating people on the importance of living a life full of purpose, gratitude and movement! Brian not only sees Rumbles Paleo as a company that produces the most nutritious snacks available, but also as a driving force for creating attitudes of health and wellness in all people that allows them to thrive in life.

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