Ever wondered what the best snack food is for your adventuring?

By adventuring, I’m talking about hiking, sailing, kayaking, cycling, camping, 4WDing, or exercising –  anything in the great outdoors!

Think of snacks that are quick and easy to handle. You need slow releasing healthy fats, as well as proteins to keep your tummy feeling full without bloating or slowing you down. A mood-boosting sweet hit is also super great to keep your mind sharp and focused.

Lets discuss the TOP FIVE snacks to take on your next adventure.


An excellent on-the-go snack to fuel your adventure!

·      They are packed with tons of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, which keep you feeling fuller for longer, and release energy slowly.

·      They have antioxidant properties, so when those tired, aching legs are holding you back, antioxidants eliminate the free radicals caused by exertion, allowing you to power through.

·      They are high in the trace mineral copper, which boosts energy and assists with nervous system function.


An excellent accompaniment to your cashews!

·      Almonds are high in protein, when you are hungry and on the go with no time to stop your adventuring, almonds will fill you up and keep the hunger pangs at bay.

·      Like cashews, they are a great source of healthy fats, so you get a long sustained release of energy without nasty spikes insulin.

·      They are high in Manganese, Copper and Riboflavin. These trace minerals are super important in the body’s energy making process. More almonds equals more energy!

rumbles paleo dark chocolate dairy free vegan paleo3. RUMBLES PALEO CHOC ROCKS

Who doesn’t love healthy chocolate that tastes amazing?! Choc Rocks are made with only three ingredients cocoa, coconut sugar and vanilla. These are a fantastic quick pick me up on your adventure.

·      Cocoa is a wonder food for your heart! Like cashews, it’s backed full of antioxidants to chase those free radicals away, enabling the adventure to continue without stopping.

·      Cocoa is also known to boost your mood, so when you feel like giving up, a nugget of dark chocolate will give you the mood boost you need to keep going!

·      A good dark chocolate, that’s at least 70% dark (like Rumbles Choc Rocks) won’t give you a big spike in insulin along with the crash that follows it like sugary foods do, so your energy is sustained, and you feel good!

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rumbles paleo jerky Jerky is dehydrated meat! Not only is it a quick and easy snack to eat on the run, it is packed full of protein to keep your hunger at bay. To make things even better, it is super healthy and easy to make!

·      Better than a protein bar, jerky can pack up to more than 10g of protein per serve!

·      Long sustained energy release, to keep you moving for longer.

·      No nasty insulin spikes and crashes.

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rumbles paleo frittata snacksEggs are definitely nature’s super-food! They are known as a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids. In simple terms, they contain all of the body’s building blocks that cannot be made by the body, they have to come from food. Eggs are perfect adventure snacks!!!!

·      Like jerky, eggs are packed full of protein, so do not expect to go hungry while easily munching on these golden nuggets.

·      Easy to prepare, pack, and eat on the go. Eggs are a sure-fire-way to keep you moving for longer.

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Written by Rebecca Nasr

Nutritionist and personal trainer at Ignyte Gym

Contact Bec at – nouishdnutrition@gmail.com

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Beck Nasr is a fitness and nutrition expert. Her qualifications include both a Bachelor Degree in Health Science (majoring in Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Psychology) and seven years of working as a personal trainer, with specific focus on creating post and pre natal pregnancy fitness programs for women. Beck’s passion is to make it easier for people to navigate the world of health and nutrition. Her nutrition philosophy runs along the JERF lines of eating – Just Eat Real Food! You can contact Beck on the below email: bwiduckel@yahoo.com.au

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