Basically, what the Logical Simple Rule endorses, is eating that which is most abundant. It works on the premise that Mother Nature isn’t silly. She wants us all to thrive and grow and hence, she gives us, in abundance, all the healthy food we need to survive.

For example, we can’t go three minutes without oxygen, so it’s logical that oxygen is everywhere we need it to be. And we can only go a matter of days without water, so it’s logical that 71% of the earth’s surface is water.

It’s logical and simple!

Now let’s apply the logical, simple rule to healthy eating.

The most abundant sources of food on the planet, and the most nutrient rich, are plants. Mother Nature gave us lots of these (specifically green plants), so in applying the Logical Simple Rule, it makes sense to eat lots of plant-based foods.

Most fruits were put at the top of trees and weren’t as easy to get as ground plants. Fruit trees took many years to grow too. It would also require more effort and energy to climb a tree and reach the fruits. So, applying the Logical Simple Rule, we should eat more vegetables than fruit.

Other food items like eggs were also much harder to obtain, so we should still eat these, but in lesser quantities.

Probably the trickiest food for us to obtain and eat was, and is, meat (although this would have been dependent on geographic location). There’s a long process involved in catching and preparing meat to eat. So if we were to apply the Logical Simple Rule, take a guess at how much meat you think nature would like us to eat?

Our image here is a nice way of illustrating the Logical Simple Rule in action.

Mother Nature provides the food, and the people harvest that which is most abundant.

Download a copy of this image and discuss it with your family. It’s a fun way to explain to children the principles of healthy eating and it’s so simple for them to understand.  Plus, it’s super simple for us too!