Multi Pack – Maple Pecan

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Low Sugar Maple Pecan Cookie (Bulk Pack – 12 cookies per pack)

  • Gluten Free
  • Grain Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Fruit Free
  • Additive & Preservative Free

Our Bulk Packs are the same great cookies, but without the packaging! You will receive 12 Vacuumed Sealed cookies all in 1 packet ready to be displayed on your counter, in your cake fridge or eaten all at once!  They are Vacuumed sealed to lock in the freshness as well as make it super easy for us to transport them to you!

Looking for a Low Sugar snack? Perhaps one that tastes like a slice of pecan pie? Oh and you want it to be free from highly processed ingredients & refined sugars? And you want it to be gluten, grain and dairy free? No worries! Let us present to you the Rumbles Paleo Maple Pecan Cookie…tadaa!!! So it’s not quite pecan pie, but it certainly tastes like it, and it’s good for you!

Our maple pecan cookies are the most spectacular blend of pecans, almonds, seeds and organic coconut and then melded together with almond butter and a touch of maple.

*Please note these do not come with any display box and can not be resealed once opened. The shelf life once opened is approximately 3 weeks. We recommend not displaying these in jars as it can compromise the quality of the product.