How do we teach a child to choose prosperous thoughts?

How do we teach a child to be self-reliant?

How do we build conscious minded children who have the strength of body, mind and heart to overcome any of life’schallenges and live a life of unlimited potential?

We do it with cave-kids, mammoths, glyptodons, possums and other friendly creatures of course! Well that’s the Rumbles Education way!

Here at Rumbles we believe it’s just as important to nourish our minds with healthy thoughts as it is to nourish our bodies with healthy food.

Which is why we’ve written the book Bumi and the WOKABUG and created an education fundraising program based on the book which teaches kids to:

Externalise their thoughts and distinguish between the happy thoughts that keep them light and the not-so-happy thoughts that make them feel heavy.
Observe their thoughts and let the not-so-happy thoughts go.
Connect with the hUM of love and genius that is there’s to tap into whenever they chose.
Practise gratitude and self-love.
Become fascinated and develop curiosity with the world around them.
Develop positive belief systems.
Change their physiology to take back control of their psychology.
Imagine if we could create a world-wide epidemic of conscious minded children with the strength of body mind and heart to live a life of unlimited potential?Just imagine your child, taking on life with the confidence and belief of self necessary to step out and face any challenge that comes their way and soldiering through it to live a life in accordance with their grandest dreams…just imagine!!!!

Well I believe it’s totally possible. And our Bumi and the WOKABUG fundraising program is one step forward on the road to this magnificent location.

Together, we can empower our youth, to live a life in the glorious heights of unlimited potential.schoolbottom

Brian Nasr is the co-founder of Rumbles Paleo. Brain has been involved in the Health and Fitness industry for over 12 years with his journey starting as an overweight teenager looking to turn his life around for good. During this time he has had the opportunity to change countless lives as a fitness coach, educating people on the importance of living a life full of purpose, gratitude and movement! Brian not only sees Rumbles Paleo as a company that produces the most nutritious snacks available, but also as a driving force for creating attitudes of health and wellness in all people that allows them to thrive in life.

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