Taco Seasoning is soooooooo easy to make! Avoid store bought blends (which are filled with thickeners, wheat and sugar) and learn how to make your own right here. We’ll also show you how to transform it into Mexican Pulled Pork and Fajitas!!!! We’ve got a FREE Mexican inspired cookbook that contains the lot 🙂

taco seasoning

Homemade taco seasoning is the spicy key, to the best Mexican food ever, whether it be Paleo cooking or not.

Whether you’re making tacos, fajitas, enchiladas or nachos, if you don’t have a tip top Mexican Taco seasoning, then the meal can be ruined.

You could buy the best grass-fed meat from the purest grazing land of New Zealand, you could buy veggies more organic than Icelandic glacial water, you could buy coconut flour Paleo Tortilla wraps made by cave-men imported from 5000BC, but if you don’t have the right blend of Mexican spices in your taco seasoning, your meal will be, in technical terms, crappy!

So, let’s make sure you never have to cook or eat a crappy Mexican meal ever again by giving you a super simple Taco Seasoning you can make in minutes at home.

Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s give you two quick recipes you can use it in: Fajitas and Pulled Pork (recipes at bottom of this post or click the button below to download them instantly)


taco seasoning recipe

But first, some of you might be asking, “Why on earth would I make my own taco seasoning when I can buy one from the supermarket?”

That’s a great question so let me explain with an excerpt from the Rumbles Spice Blend Cooking Module which if part of our Online Healthy Cooking School! You can click the image below to check out the Spice Blend module or head to the Rumbles Lifestyle Hub Website to check out the whole Online School.


  1. Many spice blends are full of preservatives, wheat, sugar, anti-caking agents and MSG. Next time you’re at the supermarket, read the back label of a taco seasoning or a fried chicken seasoning. You’ll be surprised at some of the fake ingredients many of these products contain. Also, be aware that many manufacturing companies make up brand new names to hide what an ingredient actually is. For example, MSG is often called yeast extract and sugar might be called maltodextrin or malt syrup. So, you can’t always trust what the actual ingredients label says anyway.
  2. You’ll never learn how easy and simple it is to make your own spice blends! Once you know how to blend herbs and spices, you’ll discover that it’s actually quicker to mix your own at home than it is to stop at the shop, get out of the car, put your spices in the trolley, purchase them at the checkout, etc. All it takes, most of the time, to blend your own herbs/spices, is to spoon a few ingredients together and stir them around! Plus, you can also make them in bulk, and then pretty soon you’ll have a cupboard full of your own personally crafted herb/spice mixes!



So, let’s give you that easy Taco Seasoning recipe now and let’s give you two recipes for using it.

Does pulled pork prepared in five minutes interest you?

What about Fajitas prepped and cooked in less than thirty minutes?

Oh, and both these recipes make over a kilo of food for less than $20!

Healthy, fun, delicious food that the whole family will love!


Taken from the Rumbles Paleo & Spice Module (also known as Mexican Spice Blend)

taco seasoning recipe


  • 2 tablespoons chilli powder
  • 3 tsp cumin powder
  • 2 tsp each of garlic powder & onion powder
  • 2 tsp of sweet paprika or smoky paprika (they both provide uniquely different tastes, one’s smoky and one’s sweet so pick which you’d prefer or use 1 tsp of each)


Simply mix all the ingredients together in a bowl


taco seasoning recipes

We’ve put these recipes and also the Taco Seasoning Recipe together for you in a handy 3-page booklet so that you can print it off and keep it handy in your kitchen each time an urge for eating Mexican and doing the Mexican Hat Dance take over your consciousness…which let’s face it, happens most days for all of us!

Just click the button below to download the booklet 🙂

taco seasoning recipe


And don’t forget, each recipe makes over a kilo of food for less than $20 AUD!!!!!

Healthy has never been so affordable and delicious…how awesome is that?

You definitely want this booklet in your life so download it now by clicking below!


Push play below to watch our video demonstration from the Paleo For You FB Live show on the Rumbles Paleo FB Page, where we even demonstrate how to make the Spice Blend and how to use it to make the pork and fajitas! (Make sure to click the speaker in the bottom right corner to activate the sound)



Want something delicious to wrap your fajitas and pulled pork in that’s gluten free and easy to make? Well watch this quick video below and I show you how to make Paleo Tortillas with only 4 ingredients in minutes! Best thing about these wraps, they actually hold together when you put your food in it!

Jen Richards is a children’s book author, therapist at Matrix Re-Jeneration, creator of The Love Project and director of health food company, Rumbles Paleo. Jen’s mission is to create a new type of epidemic; a world-wide epidemic of conscious minded people who have the strength of mind, body and heart to live in the glorious heights of their full potential.

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