So you’ve heard the saying “You become what you think about.” And you believe it to be true. But if that’s the case, why do you still put yourself down? Why do you still doubt your abilities? Why do you stress non-stop?

You see if we truly understood the words, “You become what you think about”, and we believed in the greats who espoused them, like Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Gandhi, and Buddha, would we ever truly waste one more second of our short lives succumbing to our detrimental states of mind? Would you waste yet another second, trading pain for joy?

So the question is, are you willing to continue on this pathway and give up your greatness, your ability to step into the unknown of unlimited possibility that resides on the other side of those negative thoughts? Because the joy, adventure, and feelings of exhilaration are right there, just within your reach, just beyond the voices of limitation in your mind.

I was lucky enough to just spend this past weekend at a Joe Dispenza workshop. Now Joe Dispenza is most well known for his role in the documentary “What the Bleep Do we Know?” which I’ve provided a link for. His life’s work is centred around exploring how people can use the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics to not only heal illness, but also to enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life. Dr. Joe is driven by the conviction that:

“Each one of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited capacity.”

Joe told us that we have 60-70 thousand thoughts a day and 90% of them are exactly the same as the day before. Now because our thoughts create our reality, we are essentially living the same day over, and over, and over, and over, day in and day out. Do the words Groundhog Day mean anything to you?

These thoughts begun to be programed into our subconscious since the day we were born and most of them have been lingering in our minds for 10, 20, 30, 50 years. We’ve repeated them so many times that they’ve become automatic, like driving a car. These thoughts have become our beliefs, regardless of whether they’re true or not. Did you know that fifty percent of our recollections of the past are completely made up? We reinterpret the past wearing different goggles of perspective each time we rehash a memory.

So what kind of warped reality are we truly living in?

Do you find yourself asking the questions:

Why does this always happen to me?

How come I can never get my break?

When’s my ship going to sail in?

Why can’t I just be happy?

But the real question is, if you’re having the same old thoughts day in and day out, how could anything new and worthwhile ever come into your life?

Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get a different result.

So how can you expect wealth and abundance to gallop into your paddock when you’re entertaining thoughts of lack. And how can you expect love and happiness to leap onto your shoulders when you’re being consumed by sadness and loneliness.

It takes a whole lot of energy to hold onto thoughts of sadness, fear, guilt, anxiety, depression, etc. So why not today, or even just for the next 10 minutes, pick one area of your life where thoughts are holding you back, and flip them around. Take that energy you use to nurture your limitations and nurture your genius, your amazing-ness instead.

Surrender your guilt for abundance, surrender your confusion for clarity, surrender your fear for opportunity.

Love yourself enough, to experience the wonder of who you really are.

Your thoughts create your reality. So what will you think about today?

Brian Nasr is the co-founder of Rumbles Paleo. Brain has been involved in the Health and Fitness industry for over 12 years with his journey starting as an overweight teenager looking to turn his life around for good. During this time he has had the opportunity to change countless lives as a fitness coach, educating people on the importance of living a life full of purpose, gratitude and movement! Brian not only sees Rumbles Paleo as a company that produces the most nutritious snacks available, but also as a driving force for creating attitudes of health and wellness in all people that allows them to thrive in life.

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