Rumbles Paleo was born quite simply from Brian’s need to find a good quality, all natural snack! And you wouldn’t believe it – there was none. Well not quite!

There were already tons of ‘healthy snacks’ on the market but none that hit 3 key criteria; Must be natural, must taste good and must be satisfying.

So one day Brian found Jenny wandering around a bush looking for stones, had a chat with her about how he wanted to make the greatest Paleo snack brand in the world and convinced Jenny to take part. A few blitzed nuts, some honey and a whack of cinnamon later and Rumbles Paleo was born! Who would have thought!

Fast forward a few years on, and Rumbles Paleo is still one of the best tasting, all natural health food snacks on the market and loved by all – not just Paleo enthusiasts.

Brian is still as passionate today about producing the best quality, all natural snacks as he was when Rumbles Paleo first started back in 2014. This is one thing that will never change.

Our mission is simple – to always create the best tasting, all natural snacks for everybody. We don’t care if you’re “Paleo” or not – we just want to make sure everybody has access to truly healthy food in what is an increasingly un-healthy, “healthy’ marketplace.

Yes, Paleo is a fad word, however we see it as a way to describe clean, natural eating. A little bit of meat, lots of Veg and a sprinkle of snacks and fruit.

Our snacks will always be made with everybody in mind – wether you are on a Paleo diet or not. Runners, hikers, cyclists, swimmers, mums, dads, kids, bankers, butchers and everybody in between. We don’t care who you are or what you do, as long as you find our snacks beneficial to you, then you can always eat them!

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