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When it comes to Paleo baking, there’s a whole world of new, fabulous, delicious ingredients for you to explore.

Don’t worry, just because you’ve switched to a real food, Paleo way of eating, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite sweets and desserts. You just have to modify them, and let me tell you, once you do, you’ll land yourself into a new realm of scrumptious taste sensations.

Now, when it comes to Paleo baking, there’s a few ingredients that we shut the gate on…and the door too actually. Don’t let the following ingredients in, they’re not like your ol’ aunt Bernie, full of smiles, happiness and knitted coat hangers. Nuh-uh, these following ingredients don’t bring us beautiful gifts, they bring our bodies inflammation and ill health: wheat flour, white sugar, raw sugar and brown sugar.

But without these ingredients, you might be asking yourself, how on earth am I going to bake cakes, cookies and spectacular desserts?

Well I’ve got all your answers in the third episode of our four part series on how to ‘healthy-ify’ your kitchen fridge and cupboards. Watch it below:

paleo shopping list
I even made a printable shopping list you can download and take with you to the supermarket (or health food store) so you know what ingredients to buy for your all new paleo baking adventures. Click the button to download now. Click Here to Get Your Shopping List


In a nut shell (or coconut shell) our video explains that you’re going to want to swap out your wheat flours and refined sugars with these following essential paleo baking ingredients:

  • Coconut flour
  • Nut meal flour
  • Arrowroot
  • Cacao or raw cocoa
  • Honey
  • Canadian maple syrup

But make sure you watch the episode as I explain these ingredients in full and explain how to use them.

Happy Paleo Baking everyone!

Oh and if you missed out on our first two episodes, then click here for Episode 1 on condiments and sauces and click here for Episode 2 on healthy fats. Enjoy

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Jen Richards is a children’s book author, therapist at Matrix Re-Jeneration, creator of The Love Project and director of health food company, Rumbles Paleo. Jen’s mission is to create a new type of epidemic; a world-wide epidemic of conscious minded people who have the strength of mind, body and heart to live in the glorious heights of their full potential.

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