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Paleo Hot Cross Buns Recipe

 No matter whether you’re paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, or just looking to eat more consciously and healthily, these Paleo Hot Cross Buns are for you! This quick and easy recipe produces a soft, sweet bun and has the option to add dark chocolate too…yum!

Paleo Snacks

Paleo snacks that are totally delicious and easy to make! You’ll get all your ideas and recipes in this post. Also learn why many shop snacks, even those labelled as healthy, are not healthy at all! Click here for your FREE Paleo Snack Ideas and Recipe Book

Mega Paleo Sandwich Recipes!

Just because you’ve cut out gluten and grains, doesn’t mean you can’t dig into a sandwich, especially this paleo sandwich! It’s a tower of  Mexican pulled pork, coleslaw with home made mayo (& this mayo takes one minute to make) & creamy avocado all served between Paleo pizza bread! OMG…this is a recipe that has […]

Paleo Muffin Recipe – they taste like doughnuts! (nut free)

This paleo muffin recipe produces a muffin that is moist, sweet, light and fluffy. With its fillings of raspberry jam and home-made curd, they actually taste like fresh jam or custard filled doughnuts. Man, they’re too good to be true! Made with coconut flour instead of nut meal, they’re the perfect addition to your child’s lunch […]

9 Grain Free Breakfast Ideas & Recipes

Yes, you can easily convert over to a grain free breakfast with our delicious ideas and fast recipes. You don’t even have to say good-bye to toast and cereal, as we’ve got Paleo versions of those for you too! Click button below to grab your “9 Grain Free Breakfast Ideas” book: Click here to download […]

Homemade Taco Seasoning for Mexican Cooking

Taco Seasoning is soooooooo easy to make! Avoid store bought blends (which are filled with thickeners, wheat and sugar) and learn how to make your own right here. We’ll also show you how to transform it into Mexican Pulled Pork and Fajitas!!!! We’ve got a FREE Mexican inspired cookbook that contains the lot 🙂 Homemade […]

New Year’s Resolutions: the truth about why they fail

How many new year’s resolutions have you made but never actually kept? For me, I’d say the number is in the hundreds! Can you relate? Like millions of others, most my resolutions over the years centred on having the ‘perfect’ body and ALWAYS eating the ‘perfect’ diet so that I could supposedly be the ‘perfect’ […]


Let Paleo Christmas Cake be the new tradition for dessert at your place this Chrissy! I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the Paleo Christmas Cake recipe I’m about to reveal to you here soon, actually tastes better than many traditional Christmas cakes made with processed sugars and refined wheats…and […]