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Could a Paleo Breakfast save you from this?

The morning from hell:

You’re roused by the alarm, after a questionable amount of rest. You proceed with your morning routine and head to the kitchen. You are filled with dread.

Due to your adrenal glands secreting too much cortisol and adrenaline overnight, the thought of eating makes you vaguely nauseous. However, conventional wisdom bellows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Pressed for time, you throw a humble slice of bread in the toaster. Meanwhile, you prepare the indispensable cup of coffee you require in order to be a person! As usual, the toast materialises slightly burnt. You scrape off some of the excess carbon and cover the rest with copious amounts of butter and jam.

While haphazardly gathering items for your briefcase/handbag, you consume your meal. It tastes somewhat like cremated cardboard covered in sugar…

Two hours later you’re at work, and it starts – the hunger pains!! The result of the overproduction of insulin from your sugar-loaded breakfast, now causing a drop in blood sugar and making your body think that it needs more sugar/carbs to get through the day!

Alas, it’s still too early for a socially acceptable lunch break.

If only you’d had a more satisfying breakfast…

You head to the coffee machine and down a long black, hoping it’ll take off the edge. Nope! Your stomach still gnaws and growls like a wild animal that hasn’t eaten in a week. No chance of concentrating on those extremely important spreadsheets now!

You do the unthinkable. While no one’s looking, you dash into the break-room. You discover an open box of jelly donuts, left over from who knows when. You scarf down one, maybe two or three (the sugar’s rushing through your veins and you can’t seem to stop)! Then you chase it down with more coffee.

You slink back to the gibberish spreadsheets. You are filled with regret.


… Can you relate?

I certainly can! We’ve all done this before! You are not alone.



For many, breakfast is a dilemma. Mainstream marketing would have it that rectangular wheat prisms and frosted grain bubbles in milk are the ultimate when it comes to nutritious starts to the day. But the truth is, high refined-carb, low-protein breakfasts fail to provide much in the way of either satiety or energy.

On the other hand, a high-protein Paleo breakfast, with a decent amount of fats, actually delivers the goods. It fills you up, increases energy expenditure, and prevents that blood sugar crash that sends you slinking off to the doughnuts by mid-morning!

So let’s Paleo-fy your brekky! Let’s get your body overflowing with nutritious, delicious brekky foods that’ll have you whizzing through your morning with vibrancy and energy.

We’ve got 10 delicious paleo recipes for you in the post below but you can also download our FREE Brekky cookbook by clicking the button underneath this picture of breakfast deliciousness you see! It contains the top five recipes you’ll find in this post all in one brightly coloured and printable book! No need to go searching online for inspirational brekky ideas when you have them in this super handy cookbook 🙂

Paleo breakfast recipes

For the recipes below, click on the recipe title and you’ll be taken to the recipe page.


1. Rumbles Green ‘n’ Lean Frittata

frittata easy healthy recipe rumbles paleo

The frittata is an all-purpose kind of meal that does the trick at any hour of the day — and yes, breakfast time is no exception! With this original Rumbles recipe, you’ll be set for days. Just make in bulk beforehand, then pull out a piece in the morning for a fantastically filling start to the day! (If you’re looking for more versatile frittata variations, just head on over to the Frittata Module at our Rumbles Lifestyle Hub.)


2. Rumbles Banana Bread

paleo recipes banana bread cake rumbles paleo healthy

Let’s abolish this myth that going Paleo means depriving yourself of your former faves — as this Rumbles recipe proves, banana bread only gets better! Learn to make cake in general a scrumptious and healthy part of your life with our Rumbles Lifestyle Hub Cakes Module.


3. Rumbles Sweet Potato Ice Cream

paleo recipes rumbles paleo healthy recipes dairy free ice cream

Yes, that’s right, here at Rumbles we recommend you put sweet potato in your ice cream. And what’s more, we recommend you eat it for breakfast! (What was that about Paleo diets being narrow and rigid again??) Try out this truly original Rumbles recipe, and change your life.


4. Rumbles Pizza Bread

Pizza Bread

This is a little innovation of ours that mixes up easy-peasy Paleo bread with your favourite pizza toppings (bacon, olives, tomato, etc.). Just like with our Paleo banana bread, we’ve set out to show that a gluten-free life categorically does not mean taste-free! Feel free to strip down this recipe sans the pizza topping ingredients — this concoction also does great with just a humble spread of honey in the morning.


5. Rumbles Fruit Crumble

paleo recipes rumbles paleo dessert healthy

We bring to you yet another outrageous Rumbles breakfast/dessert conglomeration on which you can gorge yourself (guilt-free!) twice in one day. This fruity beauty has been specially designed with our famed Rumbles Crumble, although you can of course utilise whatever muesli you have lying around.


6. Rumbles Breakfast Pizza (aka “Meatza”!)

paleo pizza rumbles paleo healthy eating healthy recipes

Now here’s a Paleo breakfast for the meat-lovers!! Paleo pizza Rumbles-style involves a base of ground meat, so rest assured we weren’t lying with the title! We like to top with loads of veggies for a good balance, but you can feel free to throw on even more meat (salami, chicken strips, whatever) for a true carnivorous feast. If you’re a dairy-free type, by all means exclude the cheese.

The rest of this list features some of our favourite quick and easy Paleo breakfast recipes from fellow primal bloggers. Read on for more crucial Paleo breakfast inspiration!


7. Paleo Banana Pancakes

paleo breakfast rumbles paleo healthy recipes

Needless to say, pancakes are a breakfast staple for life. The good news is that they’re just as delectable the Paleo way, exemplified by this recipe featuring coconut and cinnamon. This is a super-simple Paleo breakfast option that’s also flexible ingredient-wise.

This is one of our favourite brekky recipes so we’ve even recorded a live demo on how to make them…plus we also show you how to make a simple raspberry sauce to go with them. Mile high stack of healthy pancakes, dripping in fresh raspberry sauce…oh yeah!

8. Veggie Bacon Scramble

paleo breakfast rumbles paleo healthy recipes

This dynamic Neely concoction is not only high in protein and beneficial fats, but also the complex kind of carbohydrates you want to keep you going. The best feature of this recipe is that it’s has been deliberately designed to be as time-saving and laidback as possible.


9. Sweet Potato & Leak Omelette

paleo breakfast rumbles paleo healthy recipes

Sweet potato might be the spontaneous star of this post! Not only are they sweeter than the regular kind, sweet potatoes are also great sources of important elements like beta-carotene and manganese. And they make for a pretty smashing Paleo breakfast omelette. This one’s been designed for two, but you can of course adjust it if you’re just feeding yourself.


10. Sweet Potato Hash Browns

paleo breakfast rumbles paleo healthy recipes

There’s that sweet potato again! This is a somewhat experimental recipe for those of you with an idle waffle iron (preferably with a temperature control), which apparently does quite the trick for pre-shredded hash browns. You might not get it perfect the first time, but the good news is that reportedly, the result will taste great anyway!


Paleo breakfast recipes

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