The Ice-Age is coming!

So let’s make Paleo Moroccan Casserole!

A Paleo-rific ice-age of paleo-rific proportions is about to arrive in your front yard. Yes, walrus’ and penguins will soon be playing card games at your door step because the ice-age will bring with it lots of Arctic animals.

To keep your bellies warm though, we’ve designed a healthy Paleo casserole based on the warm, seductive climate of Nth Africa, specifically Morocco.

Watch our YouTube video above to get full directions. In our video you’ll also learn about the snake on the magic carpet whom Jen and Bumi visited while on holiday in Morocco. Details of the impending ice-age are also included. This is not an episode to be missed!




3 tablespoons coconut oil (or cooking fat of choice, i.e. butter, ghee)

1 kg blade oyster steak or any other stewing meat you like, cut into large chunks

2 oncions cut into wedges

700g diced pumpkin

2-3 tablespoons Moroccan spice mix (available from supermarkets/delis)

1 400ml tin coconut milk

2 400g tins diced tomatoes


1. Heat one tablespoon of oil in a large, heavy based pan over your stove top.

2. Get the pan very hot.

3. In 2 or 3 batches, brown your meat cooking for approximately 30 seconds each side. You don’t want to cook the meat, we are only wanting to sear the edges, lock in the juices and caramlise the outside of the meat. This adds to the end flavour of the casserole.

4.Once you’ve finished browning all your meat, reduce the stove top heat to medium and add the remaining coconut oil into the pan and melt.

5. Add the onion and fry for about 3-4 minutes or until the onion is transluscent.

6. Add in your spices and pumpkin and fry off for another 2-3 minutes.

7. Remove pan from heat.

8. Place the meat, fried onion and pumpkin into the bowl of your crockpot (slow cooker). If you don’t have a slow cooker, place your ingredients into a large casserole dish that has a fitted lid.

9. Poor in the tinned tomatoes and coconut milk. If you don’t like coconut milk, add another tin of tomatores.

10. Stir everything around and place the lid on your slow cooker or casserole dish.

11. Slow cook in your crockpot on low for six hours. Or place in your oven on 160 degrees celsius for six hours.

12. Serve casserole with cauliflower rice or side of your choice.

Jen Richards is a children’s book author, therapist at Matrix Re-Jeneration, creator of The Love Project and director of health food company, Rumbles Paleo. Jen’s mission is to create a new type of epidemic; a world-wide epidemic of conscious minded people who have the strength of mind, body and heart to live in the glorious heights of their full potential.

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