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Frittata Recipe

This Frittata Recipe and this post is taken from the manual in our Frittata Module at our online Healthy Cooking School, The Rumbles Lifestyle Hub (click on image below to find out more about this).
rumbles paleo healthy recipe frittata

The frittata recipe for this spectacularly, healthy and delicious Green And Lean Frittata you see below is at the end of this post, so don’t forget to read all the way to the end 🙂

frittata recipe rumbles paleo healthy easy recipe

Frittata…what a word!

When I hear this word I imagine a large male Italian opera singer staring up to a balcony with his damsel (a very attractive, buxom Italian lady) looking lovingly down at him.

rumbles paleo frittata recipe
With hand on his heart, he breathes in deeply, chest swelling with the large intake of air, and booms in his deep tenor voice, “Frit-ta-ta.”

(Dum, dum dum – the orchestra sounds)

“Frit-ta-ta,” he booms again.

(Orchestra – dum, dum, dum)

“Frit-ta-ta, Frit-ta-ta, Frit-taaaaaa-taaaaa.”

(Orchestra – dum, dum, dum, boom, boom, dum, dum, dum – boooooommm, boooooommm)

Frittata is obviously the love of his life (a.k.a. the buxom damsel on the balcony) and he’s pledging his love for her before he rides off on his donkey to do battle in a distant war.

Is this the picture you get in your head when you hear the word frittata? I’m sure it is!

But what really is, frittata?

Well, according to Bob the Butcher (Do you know Bob? He’s a legend! Best lamb chops this side of Darwin), oh and according to Wikipedia too:

“Frittata is an egg-based Italian dish similar to an omelette or crustless quiche, enriched with additional ingredients such as meats, cheeses, vegetables or pasta. The word frittata is Italian and roughly translates to fried.”

The wonderful thing about Frittata is that you can pack it full of any ingredients you like. I find it’s a marvellous way to use up vegetables that are about to go off in your crisper and a spectacular way to cram a bucket-load of vegetables into your diet.

Plus, if you’re trying to feed fussy kids, you can hide vegetables in frittata that they wouldn’t normally eat, hooray!

I love to bake up a huge quantity of frittata on a Sunday night and then I have pre-made brekkie, lunch or snacks for the week ready to go.

Frittata is soooooooo much more than an Italian damsel (or should we say a Maori damsel) in distress! As you’ll learn from reading this book, it’s nutritious, it’s convenient, it’s easy to make and it’s super delicious.


How many eggs does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: None, eggs don’t have hands.


So after reading all that you’re probably drooling right…stories of opera often do that to people!

Below I’ve got a super healthy recipe for frittata. It’s so healthy it’s called the Green & Lean Frittata Recipe! It’s easy to make and it’s the perfect meal or snack because it’s full of essential fats, carbs and protein to super charge your body and mind. I truly believe there’s no healthier, more delicious meal than…frit-ta-ta!

But first, a free Paleo Breakfast/Snack cookbook!

paleo breakfast rumbles paleo healthy eating healthy recipes

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a whole cheeky little ebook with other amazing Paleo breakfast and snack recipes? I think so!

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That’s why I’ve created this downloadable book for you right here.

It contains the green and lean frittata recipe and recipes for…

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Crunchy Paleo Breakfast Banana Bread

Pizza Bread!

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This is a recipe for bulk frittata! If makes about 8 large pieces. You’ll need a large 30x20cm baking dish (approx.) for it. Feel free to make a smaller size by halving the recipe below.

frittata recipe rumbles paleo healthy easy recipe


  • 12 eggs
  • 3 grated zucchinis
  • 1 broccoli broken up into very small florets
  • 1-2 bunches of asparagus (woody ends removed) cut into 2cm lengths
  • 1 large handful of your favourite herbs (parsley, mint & dill work well together in this recipe)
  • 200g ricotta (optional)
  • 200g smoked salmon, tuna, crab meat or cooked shredded chicken


  1. Preheat your oven to 180°C.
  2. Grease the baking dish with olive oil, coconut oil or butter.
  3. Crack all your eggs into a large bowl and whisk together.
  4. Stir through remaining ingredients.
  5. Pour mixture into baking dish.
  6. Bake whole frittata in the oven for approximately one hour. To test if the frittata is cooked, lightly press your fingers in the centre of the frittata, it should feel firm to the touch.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE cookbook containing this recipe and more, by clicking the button below:

FRITTATA RECIPE VIDEO – also learn why it’s so important to eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch to avoid afternoon cravings and/or binging.


Jen Richards is a children’s book author, therapist at Matrix Re-Jeneration, creator of The Love Project and director of health food company, Rumbles Paleo. Jen’s mission is to create a new type of epidemic; a world-wide epidemic of conscious minded people who have the strength of mind, body and heart to live in the glorious heights of their full potential.

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